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Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future
by John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble, Megan Lucero, Martin Moore,

ISBN: 9781845497149
cover price: £19.95

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Brexit, Trump and the Media
by John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy, Richard Tait,

ISBN: 9781845497095
cover price: £19.95

book details
Last Words?
by John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy, Richard Tait,

ISBN: 9781845496968
cover price: £19.95

book details
Data Journalism: Inside the global future
by Tom Felle, John Mair, Damian Radcliffe,

ISBN: 9781845496630
cover price: £19.95

book details
What Price Channel 4?
by John Mair, Fiona Chesterton, David Lloyd, Ian Reeves,

ISBN: 9781845496807
cover price: £19.95

book details
The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial
by Richard Lance Keeble, John Mair,

ISBN: 9781845495565
cover price: £19.95

book details
Mirage In The Desert? Reporting The 'Arab Spring'
by John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble,

ISBN: 9781845495145
cover price: £17.95

book details
Covering Conflict
by Richard Lance Keeble,

ISBN: 9781845497101
cover price: £19.95

book details
After Leveson? - The Future for British Journalism
by John Mair,

ISBN: 9781845495763
cover price: £19.95

book details
Responsibility without Power
by Tim Luckhurst,

ISBN: 9781845495589
cover price: £3.50

book details
Accidents: Causes, Investigation and Prevention
by James Thornhill,

ISBN: 9781845495084
cover price: £15.95

book details
The Challenge of Value
by Harry Macdivitt, Mike Wilkinson,

ISBN: 9781845494490
cover price: £12.99

book details
The Fable of the Sharks
by Eduard Gracia,

ISBN: 9781845490652
cover price: £8.99

book details
Experimental Statistics using MINITAB
by Colin Weatherup,

ISBN: 9781845492083
cover price: £9.99

book details
Design Aspects of Power Transformers
by Jim Fyvie,

ISBN: 9781845493776
cover price: £9.99

book details
First Course in Digital Signal Processing using DADiSP
by Allen Brown, Zhang Jun,

ISBN: 9781845495022
cover price: £15.00

book details
Richard II in New York
by Steven Berkoff,

ISBN: 9781845492151
cover price: £8.99

book details
Victims and Viragos: Metropolitan Women, Crime and the Eighteenth-Century Justice System
by Gregory Durston,

ISBN: 9781845492212
cover price: £11.99

book details
Cultural Issues in Working With International Students
by Dr Eunice Okorocha,

ISBN: 9781845493936
cover price: £12.95

book details
Differential Forms for Cartan-Klein Geometry
by Jose G. Vargas,

ISBN: 9781845495299
cover price: £46.95

book details
The Limits of Ecology: New Perspectives from a Theoretical Borderland
by Michael A Woodley,

ISBN: 9781845491666
cover price: £9.95

book details
Turning Monkeys into Lemons
by Lee Gilbert,

ISBN: 9781845492991
cover price: £12.99

book details
Ethical Space Vol.7 Issue 2/3
by Richard Keeble, Donald Matheson,

ISBN: 9781845494292
cover price: £20.00

book details
Leeds Studies in English 2009
by Alaric Hall,

ISBN: 9781845494797
cover price: £22.00

book details
Playing Footsie With the FTSE? The Great Crash of 2008
by Richard Lance Keeble, John Mair,

ISBN: 9781845493974
cover price: £9.99

book details
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about abramis
abramis is a new academic publisher that specialises in the innovative on-demand publishing model.

Combining experience of the traditional publishing industry with expertise in new technologies and processes, as an academic publisher we offer a wide range of publishing services and solutions that are designed to meet the needs of today's academic authors.

Focusing on academic titles and programme related materials for students, the publishing model delivers benefits to the author in terms of premium royalty payments and also in the time taken to bring a title to market, which can be under four weeks for a finished manuscript...

Featured Title

Brexit, Trump and the Media
Edited by John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy & Richard Tait

They were the two volcanic surprises in world politics in 2016 - Brexit, the UK vote to leave the European Union in June, and the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States in November. Neither was predicted by the polls, neither pleased the establishment in both countries. Both will have long-term ramifications, good and bad, for decades to come. But what role did the media on both sides of the Atlantic play as midwives to these 'populist' revolts? Was it wary enough? Did the media, in all its various forms, act as watchdog or lapdog? With the 2017 UK General Election results fresh in our minds, this is a timely and cogent analysis of how we arrived at where we are.

This book - the 20th in the acclaimed Abramis 'hackademic' series (mixing academics and journalists between the same covers) attempts to answer those big questions and more.

The contributors include some of journalism and academia's most distinguished names, from the introduction by Channel 4's Jon Snow through to the postscript by the BBC's Nick Robinson.

Brexit, Trump and the Media
Covering Conflict
by Richard Lance Keeble

In Covering conflict: The making and unmaking of new militarism, Richard Lance Keeble presents a highly original, critical overview of the UK press's coverage of wars since 1945. The US-led attacks on Iraq in 1991, Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 were conceived in 'new militarist' terms - in that they were quickly concluded with 'victories' rapidly proclaimed against relatively puny opposition. Yet since 2001, Western military adventures wasting billions of pounds and dollars (which could so easily have been directed at socially useful projects) have turned into appalling quagmires - leading to massive civilian casualties, unprecedented refugee crises and levels of joblessness. New militarism has been transformed into disaster militarism.
Secrecy lies at the heart of the UK's foreign and domestic strategies. Thus, in a major contextualising chapter, Keeble explores the complex links between Fleet Street and the secret state. Other areas examined include:
  • The Falklands/Malvinas conflict and the creation of the new militarist consensus.
  • The demonisation of dictators such as Saddam Hussein, of Iraq, Col. Gaddafi, of Libya, and Slobadan Milo?evic, of Serbia.
  • The symbolic significance of the censorship regime during the Gulf conflict of 1991.
  • The press and the manufacture of humanitarian warfare: Iraq in the 1990s, Somalia and the war against Yugoslavia 1999.
  • The myth of Gulf War 2 of 2003.
Keeble draws from a vast range of sources: interviews with journalists, theoretical approaches, autobiographies, biographies, histories of the secret state, secret warfare and the Middle East, academic journals, newspapers, magazines - and mainstream and alternative/progressive/peace movement websites.

Covering Conflict
LAST WORDS? How can journalism survive the decline of print?
Edited by John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy and Richard Tait

It is the fundamental question facing modern journalism. Can print journalism survive the digital tsunami? In the developed world newspapers are closing regularly and journalists live in constant fear of redundancy. Can journalism stay alive in this maelstrom? A distinguished group of journalists and industry experts offer their authoritative views on this, the big question, in this the eighteenth of the Abramis 'Hackademic' series, which analyses the biggest issues facing the media and freedom of expression in today's world.

Contributors include:
Richard Aucock, Catrina Albeanu, Steve Auckland, David Banks, Joely Carey, Clive Couldwell, Jim Chisholm, Tor Clark, Vanessa Clifford, Peter Cole, Paul Connew, Tim Crook, Sean Dodson, Torin Douglas, Tom Felle, Katherine Hayes, Alan Geere, Mike Gilson, Roy Greenslade, Dave Harte, David Hayward, Jeff Henry, Savyasaachi Jain, Dylan Jones, Paul Lashmar, Richard Lance Keeble, William Lewis, Xin Liu, David Lloyd, Donald Macintrye, Barry McIlheney, Brian Murphy, Rachel Oldroyd, Eamonn O'Neill, Roger Parry, Keith Perch, Tim Pollard, Peter Preston, John Ridding, Raymond Snoddy, Adam Smith, Mark Spilsbury, Tom Standage, Richard Tait, Lorna Tilbian, Sir Ray Tindle, Mark Thompson, Andrew Williams, Doug Wills, Dong Dong Zhai and Guy Zitter

After Leveson? The Future For British Journalism
History of the NASUWT
by Nigel de Gruchy

"Give us justice or we fight!" was the 1919 clarion call of the Union's founding leaders which echoed down the years. Whether it was outrageous denial of recognition, or low pay with negotiations conducted in secrecy, or voluntary 'duties' taken for granted, or controversial hikes in pension contributions (1956 and 1972 are being repeated today) or being expected to teach disruptive pupils in impossible circumstances, the NASUWT believed in the unique feature distinguishing a genuine trade union from other types of organisation – the willingness of employees to challenge by direct action gross injustice perpetrated by employers and government.

However, the NASUWT preferred compromise and consensus. National incomes policies and social contracts were supported, subject to fairness and even application to all. Third party intervention in salary negotiations proved more productive than the 'jungle of free collective bargaining'. The History of the NASUWT ends on an optimistic and positive note welcoming the Social Partnership with the Labour Government in the early 2000s. The wanton destruction of that productive relationship between government and all but one of the school teacher unions after the general election of 2010 by the Coalition Parties is in the words of the author "reckless and deplorable".

History of the NASUWT

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1 Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future
John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble, Megan Lucero, Martin Moore
2 Brexit, Trump and the Media
John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy, Richard Tait
3 Particle Physics, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
David Chapple
4 Data Journalism
John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble
5 African Spirituality
Udobata R Onunwa
6 Data Journalism: Inside the global future
Tom Felle, John Mair, Damian Radcliffe
7 Elements of Temporal Topos
Goro C Kato
8 Last Words?
John Mair, Tor Clark, Neil Fowler, Raymond Snoddy, Richard Tait
9 Leeds Studies in English 2015
Alaric Hall
10 The BBC Today: Future Uncertain
John Mair, Richard Tait, Richard Lance Keeble
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Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future
John Mair, Richard Lance Keeble, Megan Lucero, Martin Moore,
Ethical Space Vol.14 Issue 2/3
Sallyanne Duncan, Jackie Newton,