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The Limits of Ecology: New Perspectives from a Theoretical Borderland <back  
Michael A Woodley
ISBN: 9781845491666
Format: softback
156 x 234 mm
(6.14 x 9.21 inches)
Pages: 128
Imprint: abramis
Cover Price: £9.95
The Limits of Ecology: New Perspectives from a Theoretical Borderland
  • Description

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology are gradually moving towards one another, but often times progress seems to come more through a "random walk in the dark" than through planned and coherent theoretical synthesis. Although this book doesn't claim to have all the answers, it provides a fascinating glimpse into what key aspects of such a synthesis may look like. Divided into eight 'chapter essays' this book: .Re-evaluates the niche concept, emphasizing just how essential it may be for the future of Evolutionary Ecology. .Looks at an entirely new method of modeling evolutionary phenomena in terms of the niche concept using ideal-gas law like equations. .Re-evaluates the idea of the vacant niche in Ecology and posits a new 'negative species' concept. .Examines the Evolutionary Ecology of orchids. .Explores the implications for evolution if Ecosystems behave as superorganisms. .Considers theoretical scenarios that could allow the Earth's Gaia system to satisfy a key criteria of life namely reproduction. .Applies semiotics to aid in understanding the dynamics of agency in Conservation Biology. .Looks at the potential application and implications of technoecology for Environmentalism. Literally no theoretical stone is left unturned in this book's relentless quest for synthesis.

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