The International Journal of Communication Ethics

ISSN: 1742-0105

Ethical Space
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The commitment of the academic quarterly, Ethical Space, is to examine significant historical and emerging ethical issues in communication.

Its guiding principles are:

  • internationalism,
  • independent integrity,
  • respect for difference and diversity,
  • interdisciplinarity,
  • theoretical rigour,
  • practitioner focus.

In an editorial in Vol. 3 Nos. 2 and 3 of 2006, the joint editor, Donald Matheson, of Canterbury University, New Zealand, stresses that ethics can be defined narrowly, as a matter of duty or responsibility, or ethics can be defined broadly 'blurring into areas such as politics and social criticism'. Ethical Space stands essentially at the blurred end of the definitional range. Dr Matheson observes: 'As many commentators have pointed out, a discussion of ethics that is divorced from politics is immediately unable to talk about some of the most important factors in shaping communication and media practices.'

The journal, then, aims to provide a meeting point for media experts, scholars and practitioners who come from different disciplines. Moreover, one of its major strands is to problematise professionalism (for instance, by focusing on alternative, progressive media) and highlight many of its underlying myths.

Editorial Board

Joint Editors
Richard Lance Keeble - University of Lincoln
Donald Matheson - University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Sue Joseph - University of Technology Sydney

Reviews Editor
Sue Joseph - University of Technology Sydney

Editorial board members
Raphael Alvira - University of Navarra
Mona Baker - Manchester University
Jay Black - Editor, Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Shannon Bowen – University of South Carolina
Antonio Castillo - RMIT, Melbourne
Saviour Chircop - University of Malta
Clifford Christians - University of Illinois-Urbana, USA
Raphael Cohen–Almagor - University of Hull
Tom Cooper - Emerson College, Boston, MA
Deni Elliott - University of Montana
Chris Frost - Liverpool John Moores University
Theodore L. Glasser - Stanford University
Paul Jackson - Manchester Business School
Cheris Kramarae - University of Oregon; Centre for the Study of Women in Society
Takeshi Maezawa - Former Yomiuri ombudsman, scholar/writer
John Mair - Book editor
Ian Mayes - Former Guardian Readers' Editor
Jolyon Mitchell - University of Edinburgh
Kaarle Nordenstreng - Tampere University
Manuel Parez i Maicas - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Ian Richards - University of South Australia, Adelaide
Simon Rogerson - De Montfort University
Lorna Roth - Concordia University, Montreal
Karen Sanders - San Pablo University, Madrid
John Steel - Sheffield University
Miklos Sukosd - Central European University, Budapest
Barbara Thomass - Ruhruniversität Bochum
Terry Threadgold - Centre for Journalism Studies, Cardiff University
Stephen J. Ward - University of British Columbia
Brian Winston - University of Lincoln
James Winter - University of Windsor, Canada